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OpenLayers 2.5 RC1

September 17th, 2007 by crschmidt · 4 Comments

OpenLayers 2.5 RC1 has been released:

Bugs are best now :) There still might be time to get a release out before the end of FOSS4G…

As of 2.5-RC1, the OpenLayers 2.5 release closes 160 outstanding tickets, 50% more than any OpenLayers release to date. Included in this release is the addition of 3 major format classes, significantly improved feature digitization/editing tools, support for treating commercial datasources as projected for better overlaying with other data, the ability to have tiles wrap around the date line, and additional layer classes.

For this we are indebted to the many members of the community, and especially the hard work of organizations like The Open Planning Project via Tim Schaub and a number of developers like Pierre Giraud, Eric Lemoine, and Fred Junrod of the Camptocamp team, as well as continued support from Chris Schmidt and Erik Uzureau of MetaCarta.

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