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NYC Sprint Recap

February 15th, 2008 by Tim Schaub · No Comments

Last week, The Open Planning Project graciously hosted a two day OpenLayers sprint in their New York office. Chris Schmidt and Erik Uzureau (of MetaCarta) came down from Boston, Andreas Hocevar crossed the Atlantic to join us from Austria, I (Tim Schaub) dug my way out of my Northern Rockies bunker, and a few of the TOPP locals joined in from their usual posts.

Our general goal was to get the trunk in shape for the upcoming 2.6 release. In addition, we took advantage of the dedicated time to squeeze in some new features. Andreas continued to work on his excellent style work, adding a new StyleMap class for use with vector layers. Erik pulled an all-nighter conjuring up beautiful popups. I tweaked event handling and Chris closed 372 tickets. Sebastian Benthall (TOPP) contributed numerous fixes from their slick collaborative mapping application, and Tim Coulter (TOPP) put together nice code for customizing vector graphic z-indexing.

The upcoming 2.6 release is looking even more feature rich than the last. Thanks to all who have contributed. Special thanks to Erik for initiating the sprint and to The Open Planning Project for hosting us in style.

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