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Entries from March 2008

OpenLayers Summer of Code

March 18th, 2008 · Comments Off

OSGeo announced yesterday that it had been accepted to the Summer of Code project from Google: OSGeo is pleased to announce that Google has accepted OSGeo as mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2008 program. This program provides funding for students to work on open source projects under the support of experienced mentors. […]

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Smooth Navigation II (Google Style)

March 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

If you’ve considered using the Google Layer in OpenLayers but decided against it because of that annoying flicker and weirdly jerky and sluggish drag-panning, have another look. Google started exporting a getDragObject in version 2.93. This was exactly what we needed, and it let us ditch the obfuscated non-API methods that we were relying on […]

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Smooth Navigation

March 6th, 2008 · Comments Off

The upcoming 2.6 release will have a couple of nice visual enhancements for map navigation. The first is a map.panTo method which uses easing methods to slide the map to a new center. The second is layer transitions, which (in their current form) resize existing tiles while waiting for new tiles to load – giving […]

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The Open Geo-Stack: OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS @ Where 2.0

March 3rd, 2008 · Comments Off

The Where 2.0 Preliminary Agenda has been published: avid users of OpenLayers will notice The Open Geo-Stack: OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS available as a half day Tutorial, at 1:30pm Monday, 05/12/2008: An open geo-stack offers a flexible and feature filled solution for your web mapping needs. Store your data with PostGIS, set up GeoServer to publish […]

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MapGuide 2.0: Fusion

March 2nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

MapGuide 2.0 was Released on Thursday, with the main feature being: the integration of Fusion; a flexible, extensible templating system that provides the ability to separate application presentation from its functional components More information on Fusion is available from DM Solutions. Fusion uses OpenLayers as its mapping layer, and the recent addition of the MapGuide […]

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