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MapBuilder Moving On

July 29th, 2008 by euzuro · No Comments

A post yesterday from Steven Ottens on the Community MapBuilder website announced the retirement of the MapBuilder project. Citing increased competition and development, specifically from projects like OpenLayers, they have made the decision to call the 1.5 release the final stable release for the project.

As mentioned in the post, a meeting at the FOSS4G2006 conference helped to concentrate efforts of multiple web-based mapping projects, eventually leading to the MapBuilder project incorporating OpenLayers code as its core rendering engine. Since then, we have really enjoyed working together with the mapbuilder developers, many of whom are now also core contributors to OpenLayers trunk.

Without any more rehashing of the same old cow, we’d just like to send a smile and a thumbs up to the MapBuilder project, not only for a job well done but also in great anticipation of their participation with the OpenLayers project in the future.

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