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Cambridge Sprint Recap

August 7th, 2008 by Tim Schaub · 1 Comment

Last week, a number of OpenLayers developers gathered in Cambridge, MA to push towards a 2.7 release. Erik Uzureau and Chris Schmidt from MetaCarta hosted. Andreas Hocevar, Sebastian Benthall, Tim Coulter, and I went from the OpenGeo team. Closing tickets against 2.7 was our main objective, and we managed to get a handful of cool features in.

Tim C. and Erik worked together to integrate Tim’s nice y-ordering support for vector features (see the example with background shadows). Andreas continued to make vector rendering and styling improvements with the addition of well-known graphic names and dash style. Chris closed a good number of tickets and made some performance enhancements. Seb and I laid the groundwork for bringing in the new vector layer behavior work (strategies and protocols).

Thanks to Erik for all the organizational work, to MetaCarta for hosting us in their office and providing time for Erik & Chris, and to The Open Planning Project for supporting the rest of us in the sprint.

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