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OpenLayers Workshop from FOSS4G 2008

October 29th, 2008 by Tim Schaub · No Comments

We had a good time in Cape Town putting on an OpenLayers intro workshop.  The 3 hour session was well attended, and very well supported by OpenLayers developers.  Thanks to those who participated and especially to all the developers that came to help out.

I have made the workshop documents available – and am looking forward to putting up a couple translations soon (French and Spanish at least).  I’ll be shifting around the structure a bit and making an HTML version (and RST source) available at some point.  If you’re interested in using the material, please do – we’ve put on a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

You can find some instructions on getting set up for the workshop on our workshop wiki.  Note this version requires a local GeoServer running (or a proxy).  I’ll update the material to work with a publicly available GeoServer at some point.

If you make use of the material, or are interested in doing a translation, let me know (me @

(Update: Initial HTML version is now up –

(Update II: Thanks to Yves Jacolin, we’ve now got a French translation of the workshop:

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