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WMTS Support in OpenLayers

July 2nd, 2010 by Tim Schaub · No Comments

The OGC recently ratified the Web Map Tile Service Implementation Standard (WMTS) and OpenLayers followed up with a WMTS layer and capability parsing support. The layer supports both the “RESTful” and “KVP” request encoding (terms from spec), and the capabilities parser greatly helps in creating layers with the correct properties.

There are several tickets with patches that will bring additional WMTS functionality to the library. The first makes layer creation from a capabilities response easier, the second improves handling of the advertised matrix definitions, and the third brings in a control to issue GetFeatureInfo requests for WMTS layers. When these are completed and reviewed, I’ll post an update describing their use.

Big thanks to August Town, who submitted a terrific patch with the WMTS layer and capabilities parser. Additional thanks to the Danish National Survey and Cadastre and Grontmij | Carl Bro for sponsoring enhancements and fixes to the WMTS components.

Tags: Features · Standards