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Simplified License for OpenLayers 2.11

May 17th, 2011 by Tim Schaub · 1 Comment

For the upcoming 2.11 release, we’re simplifying the license under which we distribute OpenLayers. We’ve chosen to adopt the more widely used 2-clause BSD License, also known as the FreeBSD License.

This new license differs from our old license in a number of ways:

  1. The new 2-clause license omits the non-endorsement clause. Our old license said that nobody could use the OpenLayers name to endorse products that use OpenLayers without specific written permission. There are many existing uses of the OpenLayers name in promoting software that uses OpenLayers, and in practice we were not enforcing this non-endorsement clause.
  2. The new 2-clause license doesn’t contain any language about patent rights. Our old license included language about patent rights that was not included in other common forms of the BSD. Removing this specific language aligns our license with licenses used by many other projects – reducing the chance of licensing questions that are specific to our project.

We hope that this licensing change makes it even easier for more organizations to use OpenLayers in their web mapping solutions. Let us know if it raises any concerns.

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