Render elevation data

We're going to work with elevation data that is encoded in PNG tiles (see the Mapbox post on Terrain-RGB for more detail). For this exercise, you'll need to sign up for a Mapbox account and use your access token for tiles.

Add your default public token to main.js:

const key = '<your-default-public-token>';

We want to manipulate the elevation data before rendering, but initially we'll add the Terrain-RGB tiles to the map just to see what they look like. To do this, create an XYZ source with the Terrain-RGB URL and your access token.

const elevation = new XYZSource({
  url: '{z}/{x}/{y}.pngraw?access_token=' + key,
  crossOrigin: 'anonymous'

Next, create a tile layer that uses the elevation source. Add this layer your map's layers array in main.js:

new TileLayer({
  opacity: 0.8,
  source: elevation

You should now see some oddly colored tiles shown over your base layer. The elevation data in the Terrain-RGB tiles is encoded in the red, green, and blue channels. So while this data isn't meant to be rendered directly, it is interesting to look at.

Terrain-RGB tiles rendered over San Diego
Terrain-RGB tiles rendered over San Diego

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