Class: ZoomToExtent


import ZoomToExtent from 'ol/control/ZoomToExtent';

A button control which, when pressed, changes the map view to a specific extent. To style this control use the css selector .ol-zoom-extent.

new ZoomToExtent(opt_options)

control/ZoomToExtent.js, line 30
Name Type Description


Name Type Default Description
className string 'ol-zoom-extent'

Class name.

target HTMLElement | string

Specify a target if you want the control to be rendered outside of the map's viewport.

label string | HTMLElement 'E'

Text label to use for the button. Instead of text, also an element (e.g. a span element) can be used.

tipLabel string 'Fit to extent'

Text label to use for the button tip.

extent module:ol/extent~Extent

The extent to zoom to. If undefined the validity extent of the view projection is used.