Class: TileArcGISRest


import TileArcGISRest from 'ol/source/TileArcGISRest';

Layer source for tile data from ArcGIS Rest services. Map and Image Services are supported.

For cached ArcGIS services, better performance is available using the module:ol/source/XYZ~XYZ data source.

new TileArcGISRest(opt_options)

source/TileArcGISRest.js, line 63
Name Type Description

Tile ArcGIS Rest options.

Name Type Default Description
attributions module:ol/source/Source~AttributionLike


cacheSize number 2048

Cache size.

crossOrigin null | string

The crossOrigin attribute for loaded images. Note that you must provide a crossOrigin value if you are using the WebGL renderer or if you want to access pixel data with the Canvas renderer. See for more detail.

params Object.<string, *>

ArcGIS Rest parameters. This field is optional. Service defaults will be used for any fields not specified. FORMAT is PNG32 by default. F is IMAGE by default. TRANSPARENT is true by default. BBOX,SIZE,BBOXSR, andIMAGESRwill be set dynamically. SetLAYERS` to override the default service layer visibility. See for further reference.

tileGrid module:ol/tilegrid/TileGrid~TileGrid

Tile grid. Base this on the resolutions, tilesize and extent supported by the server. If this is not defined, a default grid will be used: if there is a projection extent, the grid will be based on that; if not, a grid based on a global extent with origin at 0,0 will be used.

projection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike


reprojectionErrorThreshold number 0.5

Maximum allowed reprojection error (in pixels). Higher values can increase reprojection performance, but decrease precision.

tileLoadFunction module:ol/Tile~LoadFunction

Optional function to load a tile given a URL. The default is

function(imageTile, src) {
  imageTile.getImage().src = src;
url string

ArcGIS Rest service URL for a Map Service or Image Service. The url should include /MapServer or /ImageServer.

wrapX boolean true

Whether to wrap the world horizontally.

transition number

Duration of the opacity transition for rendering. To disable the opacity transition, pass transition: 0.

urls Array.<string>

ArcGIS Rest service urls. Use this instead of url when the ArcGIS Service supports multiple urls for export requests.



source/TileArcGISRest.js, line 119

Get the user-provided params, i.e. those passed to the constructor through the "params" option, and possibly updated using the updateParams method.



source/TileArcGISRest.js, line 212

Update the user-provided params.

Name Type Description
params Object