Useful 3rd party libraries

The libraries below provide additional functionality by extending OpenLayers or integrating well with it.

OL-Cesium Cesium integration library. OpenLayers
ol-mapbox-style Create OpenLayers maps from Mapbox Style objects. OpenLayers
OL-LayerSwitcher Layer control for OpenLayers. Matt Walker
OL-Popup Basic popup overlay for OpenLayers. Matt Walker
JSTS JavaScript Topology Suite. Björn Harrtell
OL-Geocoder Geocoder Nominatim for OpenLayers. Jonatas Walker
OL3-Photon Photon geocoder for OpenLayers. Thomas Gratier
ol-opencage-geosearch OpenCage GeoSearch for OpenLayers. OpenCage
OL-ContextMenu Custom Context Menu for OpenLayers. Jonatas Walker
OL-Google-Maps Google Maps integration library. Mapgears
OL3-PanZoom PanZoom and PanZoomBar controls for OpenLayers. Mapgears
OL-Ext Miscellaneous classes and functions for OpenLayers. Jean-Marc Viglino
OL3-Projection-Switcher An OpenLayers Control to switch between projections. NSIDC
Olé Integration of OpenLayers and Esri ArcGIS REST services. Boundless
React OpenLayers A minimal React wrapper of OpenLayers 3+ written in TypeScript Allen Kim
GWT-OpenLayers 3+ A GWT wrapper for OpenLayers 3+ written in Java Tino Desjardins
react-geo A set of geo related modules to use in combination with React, Ant Design UI and OpenLayers terrestris
ol-opacity A layer switcher control with opacity sliders for overlays. dayjournal
ol-grid A dynamic grid for OpenLayers - intended for use as part of advanced snapping controls. Symbioquine
vue3-openlayers vue3-openlayers is a components library that brings the power of OpenLayers to the Vue3 reactive world. Melih Altıntaş
ol-marker-feature The OpenLayers Marker Feature plugin provides an easy way to add markers to a map and associate them with popups, e.g. using OL-Popup. Andreas Hocevar
OL STAC STAC support for OpenLayers. Automatically fills an OpenLayers LayerGroup with data extracted from various STAC entities, e.g. geometry and imagery. Matthias Mohr