The ol package

The recommended way to use OpenLayers is to work with the ol package. You can install the latest with npm:

npm install ol

Hosted builds for development

If you want to try out OpenLayers without downloading anything, a full build of each release which can be used in a script tag is available from cdnjs. You will need both the JS build and the CSS files; see the examples or the Quickstart tutorial for usage. Note that you should not use a full build in production, instead you are encouraged to use the ol package described above.

Downloads for the v4.6.5 release

ArchiveDescription Includes a full build of the library, a debug build, and library CSS. Includes all of the above plus examples, API docs, and sources.

See the v4.6.5 release page for a changelog and any special upgrade notes.

For archives of previous releases, see the complete list of releases.