Class: MapBrowserEvent


Events emitted as map browser events are instances of this type. See module:ol/PluggableMap~PluggableMap for which events trigger a map browser event.



The coordinate corresponding to the original browser event. This will be in the user projection if one is set. Otherwise it will be in the view projection.


Indicates if the map is currently being dragged. Only set for POINTERDRAG and POINTERMOVE events. Default is false.

The frame state at the time of the event.

The map where the event occurred.


The original browser event.

The map pixel relative to the viewport corresponding to the original event.


The event target.


The event type.




Prevents further propagation of the current event. See


Generic change event. Triggered when the revision counter is increased.

A click with no dragging. A double click will fire two of this.

A true double click, with no dragging.

Generic error event. Triggered when an error occurs.

Triggered after the map is moved.

Triggered when the map starts moving.

Triggered when a pointer is dragged.

Triggered when a pointer is moved. Note that on touch devices this is triggered when the map is panned, so is not the same as mousemove.

Triggered after a map frame is rendered.

A true single click with no dragging and no double click. Note that this event is delayed by 250 ms to ensure that it is not a double click.