Module: ol/Overlay




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
id number | string | undefined

Set the overlay id. The overlay id can be used with the getOverlayById method.

element HTMLElement | undefined

The overlay element.

offset Array.<number>
(defaults to [0, 0])

Offsets in pixels used when positioning the overlay. The first element in the array is the horizontal offset. A positive value shifts the overlay right. The second element in the array is the vertical offset. A positive value shifts the overlay down.

position Coordinate | undefined

The overlay position in map projection.

positioning Positioning
(defaults to 'top-left')

Defines how the overlay is actually positioned with respect to its position property. Possible values are 'bottom-left', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-right', 'center-left', 'center-center', 'center-right', 'top-left', 'top-center', and 'top-right'.

stopEvent boolean
(defaults to true)

Whether event propagation to the map viewport should be stopped. If true the overlay is placed in the same container as that of the controls (CSS class name ol-overlaycontainer-stopevent); if false it is placed in the container with CSS class name specified by the className property.

insertFirst boolean
(defaults to true)

Whether the overlay is inserted first in the overlay container, or appended. If the overlay is placed in the same container as that of the controls (see the stopEvent option) you will probably set insertFirst to true so the overlay is displayed below the controls.

autoPan PanIntoViewOptions | boolean
(defaults to false)

Pan the map when calling setPosition, so that the overlay is entirely visible in the current viewport.

className string
(defaults to 'ol-overlay-container ol-selectable')

CSS class name.

OverlayObjectEventTypes{Types} {'change:element'} {'change:map'} {'change:offset'} {'change:position'} {'change:positioning'}


Name Type Description
animation PanOptions
(defaults to {})

The animation parameters for the pan

margin number
(defaults to 20)

The margin (in pixels) between the overlay and the borders of the map when panning into view.


Name Type Description
duration number
(defaults to 1000)

The duration of the animation in milliseconds.

easing function | undefined

The easing function to use. Can be one from ol/easing or a custom function. Default is inAndOut.

Positioning{'bottom-left'} {'bottom-center'} {'bottom-right'} {'center-left'} {'center-center'} {'center-right'} {'top-left'} {'top-center'} {'top-right'}

The overlay position: 'bottom-left', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-right', 'center-left', 'center-center', 'center-right', 'top-left', 'top-center', or 'top-right'.