Module: ol/format/GeoJSON




Type Definitions



Name Type Description
dataProjection ProjectionLike
(defaults to 'EPSG:4326')

Default data projection.

featureProjection ProjectionLike | undefined

Projection for features read or written by the format. Options passed to read or write methods will take precedence.

geometryName string | undefined

Geometry name to use when creating features.

extractGeometryName boolean
(defaults to false)

Certain GeoJSON providers include the geometry_name field in the feature GeoJSON. If set to true the GeoJSON reader will look for that field to set the geometry name. If both this field is set to true and a geometryName is provided, the geometryName will take precedence.

featureClass FeatureClassToFeature | undefined

Feature class to be used when reading features. The default is Feature. If performance is the primary concern, and features are not going to be modified or round-tripped through the format, consider using RenderFeature