Module: ol/geom/Polygon





circular(center, radius, n, sphereRadius){Polygon}

import {circular} from 'ol/geom/Polygon';

Create an approximation of a circle on the surface of a sphere.

Name Type Description
center Coordinate

Center ([lon, lat] in degrees).

radius number

The great-circle distance from the center to the polygon vertices in meters.

n number | undefined

Optional number of vertices for the resulting polygon. Default is 32.

sphereRadius number | undefined

Optional radius for the sphere (defaults to the Earth's mean radius using the WGS84 ellipsoid).

The "circular" polygon.

fromCircle(circle, sides, angle){Polygon}

import {fromCircle} from 'ol/geom/Polygon';

Create a regular polygon from a circle.

Name Type Description
circle Circle

Circle geometry.

sides number | undefined

Number of sides of the polygon. Default is 32.

angle number | undefined

Start angle for the first vertex of the polygon in counter-clockwise radians. 0 means East. Default is 0.

Polygon geometry.


import {fromExtent} from 'ol/geom/Polygon';

Create a polygon from an extent. The layout used is XY.

Name Type Description
extent Extent

The extent.

The polygon.