Module: ol/interaction/Link




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
animate boolean | AnimationOptions
(defaults to true)

Animate view transitions.

params Array<Params>
(defaults to ['x', 'y', 'z', 'r', 'l'])

Properties to track. Default is to track x (center x), y (center y), z (zoom), r (rotation) and l (layers).

replace boolean
(defaults to false)

Replace the current URL without creating the new entry in browser history. By default, changes in the map state result in a new entry being added to the browser history.

prefix string
(defaults to '')

By default, the URL will be updated with search parameters x, y, z, and r. To avoid collisions with existing search parameters that your application uses, you can supply a custom prefix for the ones used by this interaction (e.g. 'ol:').

Params{'x'} {'y'} {'z'} {'r'} {'l'}