Module: ol/layer/Heatmap




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
className string
(defaults to 'ol-layer')

A CSS class name to set to the layer element.

opacity number
(defaults to 1)

Opacity (0, 1).

visible boolean
(defaults to true)


extent Extent | undefined

The bounding extent for layer rendering. The layer will not be rendered outside of this extent.

zIndex number | undefined

The z-index for layer rendering. At rendering time, the layers will be ordered, first by Z-index and then by position. When undefined, a zIndex of 0 is assumed for layers that are added to the map's layers collection, or Infinity when the layer's setMap() method was used.

minResolution number | undefined

The minimum resolution (inclusive) at which this layer will be visible.

maxResolution number | undefined

The maximum resolution (exclusive) below which this layer will be visible.

minZoom number | undefined

The minimum view zoom level (exclusive) above which this layer will be visible.

maxZoom number | undefined

The maximum view zoom level (inclusive) at which this layer will be visible.

gradient Array.<string>
(defaults to ['#00f', '#0ff', '#0f0', '#ff0', '#f00'])

The color gradient of the heatmap, specified as an array of CSS color strings.

radius number
(defaults to 8)

Radius size in pixels.

blur number
(defaults to 15)

Blur size in pixels.

weight string | function
(defaults to 'weight')

The feature attribute to use for the weight or a function that returns a weight from a feature. Weight values should range from 0 to 1 (and values outside will be clamped to that range).

source VectorSource<FeatureType> | undefined

Point source.

properties Object.<string, *> | undefined

Arbitrary observable properties. Can be accessed with #get() and #set().