Module: ol/layer/Heatmap




Type Definitions


Name Type Argument Default Description
className string <optional>

A CSS class name to set to the layer element.

opacity number <optional>

Opacity (0, 1).

visible boolean <optional>


extent Extent <optional>

The bounding extent for layer rendering. The layer will not be rendered outside of this extent.

zIndex number <optional>

The z-index for layer rendering. At rendering time, the layers will be ordered, first by Z-index and then by position. When undefined, a zIndex of 0 is assumed for layers that are added to the map's layers collection, or Infinity when the layer's setMap() method was used.

minResolution number <optional>

The minimum resolution (inclusive) at which this layer will be visible.

maxResolution number <optional>

The maximum resolution (exclusive) below which this layer will be visible.

minZoom number <optional>

The minimum view zoom level (exclusive) above which this layer will be visible.

maxZoom number <optional>

The maximum view zoom level (inclusive) at which this layer will be visible.

gradient Array.<string> <optional>
['#00f', '#0ff', '#0f0', '#ff0', '#f00']

The color gradient of the heatmap, specified as an array of CSS color strings.

radius number <optional>

Radius size in pixels.

blur number <optional>

Blur size in pixels.

weight string | function <optional>

The feature attribute to use for the weight or a function that returns a weight from a feature. Weight values should range from 0 to 1 (and values outside will be clamped to that range).

source VectorSource<Point> <optional>

Point source.

properties Object.<string, *> <optional>

Arbitrary observable properties. Can be accessed with #get() and #set().