Module: ol/renderer/webgl/PointsLayer




Type Definitions


A description of a custom attribute to be passed on to the GPU, with a value different for each feature.

Name Type Description
name string

Attribute name.

callback function

This callback computes the numerical value of the attribute for a given feature (properties are available as 2nd arg for quicker access).


Object that holds a reference to a feature, its geometry and properties. Used to optimize rebuildBuffers by accessing these objects quicker.

Name Type Description
feature Feature


properties Object.<string, *>

Feature properties

geometry Geometry

Feature geometry


Name Type Description
className string
(defaults to 'ol-layer')

A CSS class name to set to the canvas element.

attributes Array<CustomAttribute> | undefined

These attributes will be read from the features in the source and then passed to the GPU. The name property of each attribute will serve as its identifier:

  • In the vertex shader as an attribute by prefixing it with a_
  • In the fragment shader as a varying by prefixing it with v_ Please note that these can only be numerical values.
vertexShader string

Vertex shader source, mandatory.

fragmentShader string

Fragment shader source, mandatory.

hitDetectionEnabled boolean | undefined

Whether shader is hit detection aware.

uniforms Object<UniformValue> | undefined

Uniform definitions for the post process steps Please note that u_texture is reserved for the main texture slot and u_opacity is reserved for the layer opacity.

postProcesses Array<PostProcessesOptions> | undefined

Post-processes definitions