Module: ol/source/GeoTIFF




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
GTModelTypeGeoKey number

Model type.

GTRasterTypeGeoKey number

Raster type.

GeogAngularUnitsGeoKey number

Angular units.

GeogInvFlatteningGeoKey number

Inverse flattening.

GeogSemiMajorAxisGeoKey number

Semi-major axis.

GeographicTypeGeoKey number

Geographic coordinate system code.

ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey number

Projected linear unit code.

ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey number

Projected coordinate system code.


Name Type Description
fileDirectory Object

The file directory.

geoKeys module:ol/source/GeoTIFF~GeoKeys

The parsed geo-keys.

littleEndian boolean

Uses little endian byte order.

tiles Object

The tile cache.

isTiled boolean

The image is tiled.

getBoundingBox function

Get the image bounding box.

getOrigin function

Get the image origin.

getResolution function

Get the image resolution.


Name Type Argument Default Description
sources Array.<module:ol/source/GeoTIFF~SourceInfo>

List of information about GeoTIFF sources. Multiple sources can be combined when their resolution sets are equal after applying a scale. The list of sources defines a mapping between input bands as they are read from each GeoTIFF and the output bands that are provided by data tiles. To control which bands to read from each GeoTIFF, use the bands property. If, for example, you specify two sources, one with 3 bands and nodata configured, and another with 1 band, the resulting data tiles will have 5 bands: 3 from the first source, 1 alpha band from the first source, and 1 band from the second source.

convertToRGB boolean <optional>

By default, bands from the sources are read as-is. When reading GeoTIFFs with the purpose of displaying them as RGB images, setting this to true will convert other color spaces (YCbCr, CMYK) to RGB.

opaque boolean <optional>

Whether the layer is opaque.

transition number <optional>

Duration of the opacity transition for rendering. To disable the opacity transition, pass transition: 0.


Name Type Argument Default Description
url string

URL for the source GeoTIFF.

overviews Array.<string> <optional>

List of any overview URLs.

min number <optional>

The minimum source data value. Rendered values are scaled from 0 to 1 based on the configured min and max.

max number <optional>

The maximum source data value. Rendered values are scaled from 0 to 1 based on the configured min and max.

nodata number <optional>

Values to discard. When provided, an additional band (alpha) will be added to the data.

bands Array.<number> <optional>

Band numbers to be read from (where the first band is 1). If not provided, all bands will be read. For example, if a GeoTIFF has blue (1), green (2), red (3), and near-infrared (4) bands, and you only need the near-infrared band, configure bands: [4].