Module: ol/source/ImageWMS




Type Definitions


Name Type Argument Default Description
attributions module:ol/source/Source~AttributionLike <optional>


crossOrigin null | string <optional>

The crossOrigin attribute for loaded images. Note that you must provide a crossOrigin value if you want to access pixel data with the Canvas renderer. See for more detail.

hidpi boolean <optional>

Use the ol/Map#pixelRatio value when requesting the image from the remote server.

serverType module:ol/source/WMSServerType | string <optional>

The type of the remote WMS server: mapserver, geoserver or qgis. Only needed if hidpi is true.

imageLoadFunction module:ol/Image~LoadFunction <optional>

Optional function to load an image given a URL.

imageSmoothing boolean <optional>

Enable image smoothing.

params Object.<string, *>

WMS request parameters. At least a LAYERS param is required. STYLES is '' by default. VERSION is 1.3.0 by default. WIDTH, HEIGHT, BBOX and CRS (SRS for WMS version < 1.3.0) will be set dynamically.

projection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike <optional>

Projection. Default is the view projection.

ratio number <optional>

Ratio. 1 means image requests are the size of the map viewport, 2 means twice the width and height of the map viewport, and so on. Must be 1 or higher.

resolutions Array.<number> <optional>

Resolutions. If specified, requests will be made for these resolutions only.

url string

WMS service URL.