Module: ol/source/Raster




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
data Object

Message data.


Name Type Description
meta Object

Job metadata.

inputs Array.<ImageData>

Array of input data.

callback JobCallback

Called when the job is complete.



Name Type Description
buffers Array.<ArrayBuffer>

Array of buffers.

meta Object

Operation metadata.

imageOps boolean

The operation is an image operation.

width number

The width of the image.

height number

The height of the image.


A function that takes an array of input data, performs some operation, and returns an array of output data. For pixel type operations, the function will be called with an array of pixels, where each pixel is an array of four numbers ([r, g, b, a]) in the range of 0 - 255. It should return a single pixel array. For 'image' type operations, functions will be called with an array of ImageData and should return a single ImageData. The operations are called with a second "data" argument, which can be used for storage. The data object is accessible from raster events, where it can be initialized in "beforeoperations" and accessed again in "afteroperations".


Name Type Description
sources Array.<(module:ol/source/Source~Source|module:ol/layer/Layer~Layer)>

Input sources or layers. For vector data, use an VectorImage layer.

operation Operation | undefined

Raster operation. The operation will be called with data from input sources and the output will be assigned to the raster source.

lib Object | undefined

Functions that will be made available to operations run in a worker.

threads number | undefined

By default, operations will be run in a single worker thread. To avoid using workers altogether, set threads: 0. For pixel operations, operations can be run in multiple worker threads. Note that there is additional overhead in transferring data to multiple workers, and that depending on the user's system, it may not be possible to parallelize the work.

operationType RasterOperationType
(defaults to 'pixel')

Operation type. Supported values are 'pixel' and 'image'. By default, 'pixel' operations are assumed, and operations will be called with an array of pixels from input sources. If set to 'image', operations will be called with an array of ImageData objects from input sources.

resolutions Array.<number> | null | undefined

Resolutions. If specified, raster operations will only be run at the given resolutions. By default, the resolutions of the first source with resolutions specified will be used, if any. Set to null to use any view resolution instead.


Name Type Description
threads number

Number of workers to spawn.

operation Operation

The operation.

lib Object.<string, function()> | undefined

Functions that will be made available to operations run in a worker.

queue number

The number of queued jobs to allow.

imageOps boolean
(defaults to false)

Pass all the image data to the operation instead of a single pixel.

RasterOperationType{'pixel'} {'image'}

Raster operation type. Supported values are 'pixel' and 'image'.

RasterSourceEventTypes{ImageSourceEventTypes} {'beforeoperations'} {'afteroperations'}