Module: ol/source/TileArcGISRest




Type Definitions


Name Type Argument Default Description
attributions module:ol/source/Source~AttributionLike <optional>


cacheSize number <optional>

Cache size.

crossOrigin null | string <optional>

The crossOrigin attribute for loaded images. Note that you must provide a crossOrigin value if you are using the WebGL renderer or if you want to access pixel data with the Canvas renderer. See for more detail.

params Object.<string, *> <optional>

ArcGIS Rest parameters. This field is optional. Service defaults will be used for any fields not specified. FORMAT is PNG32 by default. F is IMAGE by default. TRANSPARENT is true by default. BBOX, SIZE, BBOXSR, and IMAGESR will be set dynamically. Set LAYERS to override the default service layer visibility. See for further reference.

tileGrid module:ol/tilegrid/TileGrid~TileGrid <optional>

Tile grid. Base this on the resolutions, tilesize and extent supported by the server. If this is not defined, a default grid will be used: if there is a projection extent, the grid will be based on that; if not, a grid based on a global extent with origin at 0,0 will be used.

projection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike


reprojectionErrorThreshold number <optional>

Maximum allowed reprojection error (in pixels). Higher values can increase reprojection performance, but decrease precision.

tileLoadFunction module:ol/Tile~LoadFunction <optional>

Optional function to load a tile given a URL. The default is

function(imageTile, src) {
  imageTile.getImage().src = src;
url string <optional>

ArcGIS Rest service URL for a Map Service or Image Service. The url should include /MapServer or /ImageServer.

wrapX boolean <optional>

Whether to wrap the world horizontally.

transition number <optional>

Duration of the opacity transition for rendering. To disable the opacity transition, pass transition: 0.

urls Array.<string>

ArcGIS Rest service urls. Use this instead of url when the ArcGIS Service supports multiple urls for export requests.