Module: ol/source/UTFGrid




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
preemptive boolean
(defaults to true)

If true the UTFGrid source loads the tiles based on their "visibility". This improves the speed of response, but increases traffic. Note that if set to false (lazy loading), you need to pass true as request to the forDataAtCoordinateAndResolution method otherwise no data will ever be loaded.

jsonp boolean
(defaults to false)

Use JSONP with callback to load the TileJSON. Useful when the server does not support CORS..

tileJSON Config | undefined

TileJSON configuration for this source. If not provided, url must be configured.

url string | undefined

TileJSON endpoint that provides the configuration for this source. Request will be made through JSONP. If not provided, tileJSON must be configured.

wrapX boolean
(defaults to true)

Whether to wrap the world horizontally.

zDirection number | NearestDirectionFunction
(defaults to 0)

Choose whether to use tiles with a higher or lower zoom level when between integer zoom levels. See getZForResolution.


Name Type Description
grid Array.<string>

The grid.

keys Array.<string>

The keys.

data Object.<string, Object> | undefined

Optional data.