Module: ol/transform


import * as olTransform from 'ol/transform';


module:ol/transform.composeCssTransform(dx1, dy1, sx, sy, angle, dx2, dy2){string}

transform.js, line 228
import {composeCssTransform} from 'ol/transform';

Creates a composite transform given an initial translation, scale, rotation, and final translation (in that order only, not commutative). The resulting transform string can be applied as transform porperty of an HTMLElement's style.

Name Type Description
dx1 number

Initial translation x.

dy1 number

Initial translation y.

sx number

Scale factor x.

sy number

Scale factor y.

angle number

Rotation (in counter-clockwise radians).

dx2 number

Final translation x.

dy2 number

Final translation y.

The composite css transform.

Type Definitions


An array representing an affine 2d transformation for use with module:ol/transform functions. The array has 6 elements.