Class: ImageLayer


import ImageLayer from 'ol/layer/Image';

Server-rendered images that are available for arbitrary extents and resolutions. Note that any property set in the options is set as a module:ol/Object~BaseObject property on the layer object; for example, setting title: 'My Title' in the options means that title is observable, and has get/set accessors.

new ImageLayer(opt_options)

layer/Image.js, line 41
Name Type Description

Layer options.

Name Type Default Description
opacity number 1

Opacity (0, 1).

visible boolean true


extent module:ol/extent~Extent

The bounding extent for layer rendering. The layer will not be rendered outside of this extent.

zIndex number

The z-index for layer rendering. At rendering time, the layers will be ordered, first by Z-index and then by position. When undefined, a zIndex of 0 is assumed for layers that are added to the map's layers collection, or Infinity when the layer's setMap() method was used.

minResolution number

The minimum resolution (inclusive) at which this layer will be visible.

maxResolution number

The maximum resolution (exclusive) below which this layer will be visible.

map module:ol/PluggableMap~PluggableMap

Sets the layer as overlay on a map. The map will not manage this layer in its layers collection, and the layer will be rendered on top. This is useful for temporary layers. The standard way to add a layer to a map and have it managed by the map is to use module:ol/Map#addLayer.

source module:ol/source/Image~ImageSource

Source for this layer.



Observable Properties

Name Type Settable ol/Object.ObjectEvent type Description
extent module:ol/extent~Extent | undefined yes change:extent

The layer extent.

maxResolution number yes change:maxresolution

The maximum resolution of the layer.

minResolution number yes change:minresolution

The minimum resolution of the layer.

opacity number yes change:opacity

The opacity of the layer.

source module:ol/source/Source~Source yes change:source

The layer source (or null if not yet set).

visible boolean yes change:visible

The visibility of the layer.

zIndex number yes change:zindex

The Z-index of the layer.



layer/Image.js, line 68

Return the associated source of the image layer.


setMap(map) inherited

layer/Layer.js, line 181

Sets the layer to be rendered on top of other layers on a map. The map will not manage this layer in its layers collection, and the callback in module:ol/Map#forEachLayerAtPixel will receive null as layer. This is useful for temporary layers. To remove an unmanaged layer from the map, use #setMap(null).

To add the layer to a map and have it managed by the map, use module:ol/Map#addLayer instead.

Name Type Description
map module:ol/PluggableMap~PluggableMap


setSource(source) inherited

layer/Layer.js, line 215

Set the layer source.

Name Type Description
source module:ol/source/Source~Source

The layer source.