Module: ol/source/Cluster




Type Definitions


Name Type Description
attributions AttributionLike | undefined


distance number
(defaults to 20)

Distance in pixels within which features will be clustered together.

minDistance number
(defaults to 0)

Minimum distance in pixels between clusters. Will be capped at the configured distance. By default no minimum distance is guaranteed. This config can be used to avoid overlapping icons. As a tradoff, the cluster feature's position will no longer be the center of all its features.

geometryFunction function | undefined

Function that takes an Feature as argument and returns an Point as cluster calculation point for the feature. When a feature should not be considered for clustering, the function should return null. The default, which works when the underlying source contains point features only, is

function(feature) {
  return feature.getGeometry();

See getInteriorPoint for a way to get a cluster calculation point for polygons.

createCluster function | undefined

Function that takes the cluster's center Point and an array of Feature included in this cluster. Must return a Feature that will be used to render. Default implementation is:

function(point, features) {
  return new Feature({
    geometry: point,
    features: features
source VectorSource<FeatureType>
(defaults to null)


wrapX boolean
(defaults to true)

Whether to wrap the world horizontally.