Module: ol/source/DataTile




Type Definitions

Data tile loading function. The function is called with z, x, and y tile coordinates and returns data for a tile or a promise for the same.


Name Type Description
loader Loader | undefined

Data loader. Called with z, x, and y tile coordinates. Returns data for a tile or a promise for the same. For loaders that generate images, the promise should not resolve until the image is loaded.

attributions AttributionLike | undefined


attributionsCollapsible boolean
(defaults to true)

Attributions are collapsible.

maxZoom number
(defaults to 42)

Optional max zoom level. Not used if tileGrid is provided.

minZoom number
(defaults to 0)

Optional min zoom level. Not used if tileGrid is provided.

tileSize number | Size
(defaults to [256, 256])

The pixel width and height of the source tiles. This may be different than the rendered pixel size if a tileGrid is provided.

gutter number
(defaults to 0)

The size in pixels of the gutter around data tiles to ignore. This allows artifacts of rendering at tile edges to be ignored. Supported data should be wider and taller than the tile size by a value of 2 x gutter.

maxResolution number | undefined

Optional tile grid resolution at level zero. Not used if tileGrid is provided.

projection ProjectionLike
(defaults to 'EPSG:3857')

Tile projection.

tileGrid TileGrid | undefined

Tile grid.

opaque boolean
(defaults to false)

Whether the layer is opaque.

state State | undefined

The source state.

wrapX boolean
(defaults to false)

Render tiles beyond the antimeridian.

transition number | undefined

Transition time when fading in new tiles (in milliseconds).

bandCount number
(defaults to 4)

Number of bands represented in the data.

interpolate boolean
(defaults to false)

Use interpolated values when resampling. By default, the nearest neighbor is used when resampling.