Class: Zoomify


import Zoomify from 'ol/source/Zoomify';

Layer source for tile data in Zoomify format (both Zoomify and Internet Imaging Protocol are supported).

new Zoomify(opt_options)

source/Zoomify.js, line 123
Name Type Description


Name Type Default Description
attributions module:ol/source/Source~AttributionLike


cacheSize number 2048

Cache size.

crossOrigin null | string

The crossOrigin attribute for loaded images. Note that you must provide a crossOrigin value if you are using the WebGL renderer or if you want to access pixel data with the Canvas renderer. See for more detail.

projection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike


reprojectionErrorThreshold number 0.5

Maximum allowed reprojection error (in pixels). Higher values can increase reprojection performance, but decrease precision.

url string

URL template or base URL of the Zoomify service. A base URL is the fixed part of the URL, excluding the tile group, z, x, and y folder structure, e.g. A URL template must include {TileGroup}, {x}, {y}, and {z} placeholders, e.g.{TileGroup}/{z}-{x}-{y}.jpg. Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP) with JTL extension can be also used with {tileIndex} and {z} placeholders, e.g.{z},{tileIndex}. A {?-?} template pattern, for example subdomain{a-f}, may be used instead of defining each one separately in the urls option.

tierSizeCalculation string

Tier size calculation method: default or truncated.

size module:ol/size~Size

Size of the image.

extent module:ol/extent~Extent

Extent for the TileGrid that is created. Default sets the TileGrid in the fourth quadrant, meaning extent is [0, -height, width, 0]. To change the extent to the first quadrant (the default for OpenLayers 2) set the extent as [0, 0, width, height].

transition number

Duration of the opacity transition for rendering. To disable the opacity transition, pass transition: 0.

tileSize number 256

Tile size. Same tile size is used for all zoom levels.




getTileLoadFunction(){module:ol/Tile~LoadFunction} inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 104

Return the tile load function of the source.


getTileUrlFunction(){module:ol/Tile~UrlFunction} inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 113

Return the tile URL function of the source.


getUrls(){!Array.<string>|null} inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 124

Return the URLs used for this source. When a tileUrlFunction is used instead of url or urls, null will be returned.


setRenderReprojectionEdges(render) inherited

source/TileImage.js, line 356

Sets whether to render reprojection edges or not (usually for debugging).

Name Type Description
render boolean

Render the edges.

setTileGridForProjection(projection, tilegrid) inherited

source/TileImage.js, line 380

Sets the tile grid to use when reprojecting the tiles to the given projection instead of the default tile grid for the projection.

This can be useful when the default tile grid cannot be created (e.g. projection has no extent defined) or for optimization reasons (custom tile size, resolutions, ...).

Name Type Description
projection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike


tilegrid module:ol/tilegrid/TileGrid~TileGrid

Tile grid to use for the projection.

setTileLoadFunction(tileLoadFunction) inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 157

Set the tile load function of the source.

Name Type Description
tileLoadFunction module:ol/Tile~LoadFunction

Tile load function.

setTileUrlFunction(tileUrlFunction, key) inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 169

Set the tile URL function of the source.

Name Type Description
tileUrlFunction module:ol/Tile~UrlFunction

Tile URL function.

key string

Optional new tile key for the source.

setUrl(url) inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 184

Set the URL to use for requests.

Name Type Description
url string


setUrls(urls) inherited

source/UrlTile.js, line 194

Set the URLs to use for requests.

Name Type Description
urls Array.<string>