Class: Control


import Control from 'ol/control/Control';

A control is a visible widget with a DOM element in a fixed position on the screen. They can involve user input (buttons), or be informational only; the position is determined using CSS. By default these are placed in the container with CSS class name ol-overlaycontainer-stopevent, but can use any outside DOM element.

This is the base class for controls. You can use it for simple custom controls by creating the element with listeners, creating an instance:

var myControl = new Control({element: myElement});

and then adding this to the map.

The main advantage of having this as a control rather than a simple separate DOM element is that preventing propagation is handled for you. Controls will also be objects in a module:ol/Collection~Collection, so you can use their methods.

You can also extend this base for your own control class. See examples/custom-controls for an example of how to do this.

new Control(options)

control/Control.js, line 48
Name Type Description

Control options.

Name Type Description
element HTMLElement

The element is the control's container element. This only needs to be specified if you're developing a custom control.

render function

Function called when the control should be re-rendered. This is called in a requestAnimationFrame callback.

target HTMLElement | string

Specify a target if you want the control to be rendered outside of the map's viewport.



control/Control.js, line 105

Get the map associated with this control.



control/Control.js, line 116

Remove the control from its current map and attach it to the new map. Subclasses may set up event handlers to get notified about changes to the map here.

Name Type Description
map module:ol/PluggableMap~PluggableMap



control/Control.js, line 146

This function is used to set a target element for the control. It has no effect if it is called after the control has been added to the map (i.e. after setMap is called on the control). If no target is set in the options passed to the control constructor and if setTarget is not called then the control is added to the map's overlay container.

Name Type Description
target HTMLElement | string